About Us

About us

Inspirala – Unique Accessories & Natural beauty.

We are a group of dedicated Artisan women from around the world, creating eco-friendly products with love & mindfulness.

Our collection is entirely handmade in small batches using only natural materials & ingredients, so you can shop with confidence, a clean conscience and – most importantly – a big smile.

We seek to harmonize the balance between the day & night, the streets & the forests, the calm & the wild – the yin & the yang that resides inside every woman. We find inspiration in the beauty that we see all around us, the unique characters that we meet along the way and the universal magic of collaboration.

When women join forces – their potential is limitless.

This is the motivating force behind Inspirala’s secret.

Got a question? Want a custom design?

Please feel free to contact us HERE or email us at: info@inspirala.co.

Meet Our Team

Marina Kushnir
Marina Kushnir

Founder & Artist

Diana Hodgibekov
Diana Hodgibekov

Jewellery Artist

Dana Gat
Dana Gat

Apothecary Artist

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