My name is Dana Gat

I give holistic genecology treatment originating in Chinese medicine and natural pharmacy. I prepare herbal remedies and teach courses of natural pharmacy for women.

My love for herbal medicine begins in my childhood, when my mother used to take me out to the fields to pick cherry tomatoes, berries, and healing herbs. I grew up among Mom`s beloved plants and medications made by herself, grown in her garden.

When I had completed my Chinese medicine degree, already I knew I`d like to treat women and restore lost harmony both to the universal mother`s womb and to each woman`s personal one. My specialization was made in acupuncture points and herbal remedies treating feminine fertility, pregnancy and genecology. I realized a change was badly called for in the hostile ways of western medicine`s genecology and had decided to bring in some tenderness, softness and holism which are typical to the womb itself.

Out of  love for women`s beauty I started making natural beauty products. My cosmetics are based in the principal ground of letting in as much as possible of nature`s order. Women`s bodies are intervened with the moon and its circulation, therefore I really love picking herbs for my recipes at nights of the full moon.      

I accompany my concoctions making with prayers for healing and joy.

My natural cosmetics are made of the best organic materials, with most exquisite etheric oils and healing plants, some of which I personally grow in my own garden.

I like producing creams harmonious with surroundings, composed from 70% water and rest 30% of different materials, minerals, vitamins and fats – exactly as our bodies and our planet are made.

When we apply to our skins the same combination found within our cells, a wonderful harmony is thereby created and healing begins its path.

My hope is to make our world a little better by spreading out the word of ancient womanly knowledge of herbal medicine and ties with nature to as many beloved women as I can.