Hello, I am Diana.

I am a jewelry artist, goldsmith and the owner of Diyora – my creative kingdom and jewelry studio for the last 5 years.

I'm a creative soul since I can remember myself. I always loved to draw and paint and the path of creativity and art was always the core of my spirit.

In the wild jungle of growing up I found myself struggling to keep this path alive, while doing things that were far away from my true desires, fulfilling other’s dreams instead of my own, and most of all confused with the big question - "what am I going to be when I grow up?"

At some point, I understood that I have to break that circle, I quit my fulltime job, broke all my savings and went traveling with Ginjah for a few months in India - the great, inspiring, magical place of freedom and lively nature.

There I discovered the magic of jewelry and goldsmithing which became such a huge part of my life since then.This journey allowed me to feel and think clearly and most of all to be fully present and connect to the unlimited power of the universe, which is always within us.

Now I'm back in the jungle, but free from within, doing what I love the most, living each day surrounded by the magic of creativity and inspiration and feeling grateful for each and every moment.

This is my biggest inspiration and the energy I want to bring to the world through my art and jewelry. For me each piece is a magical talisman full of energy and power, a reminder for the unlimited beauty outside and within each and one of us.