Blessings. My name is Marina, I am an entrepreneur, fashion designer and certified Chinese medicine doctor. In my life’s journey I have found that as our heart grows so does the intention to do more good in the world, and that is why I founded Inspirala Boutique.

My passion for design began in early childhood. Growing up with a fashion designer mom, I started by learning how to create original costumes for my dolls, eventually designing my own clothes & accessories as I grew older.

I became fascinated with alternative & natural medicine, leading me to study ancient Chinese medicine for 5 years. Upon graduation I founded my own clinic and gradually started focusing on working with women - combining acupuncture, herbs and Shiatsu with natural cosmetics and apothecary to provide deep, holistic healing. As the word got out around my patients multiplied rapidly, eventually driving me to open a second clinic.

About 4 years ago I met the man who is now my husband. We travelled the globe together, embarking on blissful adventures and exploring our creativity, which reconnected me to my childhood dream of becoming a professional designer and starting my own brand.

I started by selling my handmade hats and headpieces locally, and before I knew it I was shipping boxes to different countries every week. Inspired to pursue my dream further, I joined forces with 2 amazing Artisan women and collaborated with them to create jewellery and natural skincare products that match the vision I had in my mind: an ethical, eco-friendly fashion brand that empowers women worldwide.

That vision grew into Inspirala, becoming the website you are visiting now - an online shop filled with magical, unique and handmade items... and it still feels like the birth of something greater. The adventure has just begun. Thank you for reading and for walking this path with me.

Let your light shine bright,