First Aid Cream

First Aid Cream, Organic & Natural First Aid Cream, Wound Healing Balm, Herbal Healing Salve, Antiseptic Salve, First Aid Natural Kit

First Aid Cream

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Wound healing balm, organic herbal healing salve, antiseptic salve, first aid natural cream.
First Aid Balm Cream with Natural & Organic ingredients.

An herbal wound healing balm made with natural ingredients. It stops bleeding, treats skin irritation, bug bites, prevents infection, speeds wound healing, and eases pain. This product is a must-have for your natural first aid kit. It is ideal for cuts and scrapes, minor burns, and open wounds.

Ingredients: Organic almond oil, calendula, Bees wax, Hippophae oil, Lavender, Essentiall oils

Use on any skin rash, scrape, cut, irritation.

Weight : 30 ml | 1.1 oz

Directions: To use, massage a small amount on any skin rash, scrape, cut or irritation in a circular motion with your fingertips. This balm is highly concentrated, so this tin will last a very long time, apply when needed.

Additional Information

Artist Dana Gat

30 ml – 1.1oz


Organic sweet almond oil, Calendula, Bees wax, Hippophae oil, Lavender, Essentiall oils


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