Face cleansing organic soap

Face cleansing organic soap

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This spirolina & green clay soap will clean your face deeply and will keep your face moisture at the same time, really helpful to treat problematic skin and it fits to al kinds of skins.
It is a special Chinese medicine recepy that have been used for more than 2000 years !!

This amazing natural soap made with only organic source ingredients : Organic Spirolina, Organic Green Clay, organic olive oil, organic coconut oil, organic Shea butter and essential oils.
This soap is 100% natural, echo friendly and Palm oil Free Soap !

Directions of use: Lather between hands with water, and apply generously to face. This soap is gentle enough to use every day.

Each bar of soap weighs approximately 3.5 oz (100ml).

You will receive it in a nice gift wrap.

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Additional Information

Artist Dana Gat

100 ml – 3.5 oz


Organic sweet almond oil, Calendula, Bees wax, Hippophae oil, Lavender, Essentiall oils


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